PP Pot Vertical Garden

LifeWall’s PP Pot system including plants where 3 pots are fixed on polypropylene frames of H18’’ x W6’’, with soilless medium for planting within the vertical system with aluminum channel framework for the installation of frames with Fastener/Screws of Hilti/Fisher or equivalent.

Biofelt Vertical Garden

LifeWall’s Biofelt 10 mm thick and L6”xW6” with integrated moisture barrier which prevents absorption of spills and stains. Felt pockets made of non woven needle punched and UV stablised semi compressed geo textile of 350 gsm and reduces carbon. Pocketed on 8 MM PVC solid sheet with 25 mm PVC buffers at back to maintain gap from the wall and mounted with Fastener/ Screws of Hilti/Fisher or equivalent. Plantation with settled plants in LifeWall Special Soilless Media filled in Biobags which develops high porosity >97%.

Artificial Vertical Garden

Fixing of artificial plants/mats of 50cm x 50cm on 10mm thick MDF or foamed PVC board with SS staplers or screws. The MDF or PVC board is first fixed with Fastener/Screws of Hilti/Fisher or equivalent then artificial plants are fixed as per the approved layouts on the fixed board.


The panels are in MDF, multi plywood or foamed PVC with 3 mm of thickness plus MOSS (about 30-40 mm). If the installation is permanent it can be fixed on the wall with screws directly. The panels come without screws or clips. LifeMoss is a natural lichen that doesn’t needs maintenance or watering, it remains soft with the humidity in the air. LifeMoss is preserved with suitable preservatives and coated with glycerine so that dust doesn’t settle on it.

Green Screen

Fixing of 1-2 mm GI/SS wire mesh in the distance of H6’’ x W6’’ framed on a MS or GI structure which is fixed on a brick wall permanently or made as a self standing/movable structure. Trained creepers/climbers are planted at the bottom in planters made of coir/PVC/geo fabric in LifeWall special soilless media. Creepers spread on the mesh forming a green screen and need to be trimmed regularly to give a look of flat green screen.