Landscape/lawn Project Per Sqft (Premium Category)
Landscape/lawn Project Per Sqft (Premium Category)
Landscape/lawn Project Per Sqft (Premium Category)


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Delivered & Executed In: Depends entirely on the scope of work. A small lawn can be completed in 10 days also whereas big commercial projects take up to a year also.

Minimum Order Quantity: Rs. 4,00,000/-

Installed & Maintained By: LifeWall’s in-house team.

    The cost mentioned is just a rough amount to give an idea. The actual cost is shared after drawings and BOQ preparation.

    Product Questions & Answers:

    Q. How to order a landscape garden as a complete project to LifeWall?

    • Send us your garden area/land images/videos and measurements. You can also book a site measurement or consultation visit to call an expert to your place for measurements and consultation. The consultation charges are refundable if you place the order with us above Rs. 4,00,000/-

    • Get a quote from us. Note: You can also ask for drawings and design services from us before placing the order.

    • Give approvals on quote and design. 

    • Order confirmed. Now you can sit back and relax, while we get started with our magic.

    Q. What are the benefits of a landscape garden?

    A landscape garden has lots of benefits like having your own garden to grow plants, trees, shrubs, and herbs, sit and relax close to nature, do small get together, energy savings, create a pleasant ambiance, reduction in noise pollution, etc.

    Q. How to plan and design a landscape garden? Can I customize the package as per my need and budget?

    For planning and designing a landscape garden, you need to hire a landscape architect. LifeWall also provides in-house terrace garden designing services at a low cost. For that, you need to provide your area details and your approx. budget range. LifeWall in-house design team then designs 2-3 options and get it approved by you. 

    Yes, the design and inclusions can be customized as per your budget.

    Q. What type of plants and trees can be grown in landscape gardens?

    Almost all types of small plants, palms, bonsai, adeniums, and creepers can be grown. You can also grow vegetables and herbs in your garden to enjoy chemical-free food for your family.

    Q. What is the required maintenance of a landscape garden?

    A landscape garden needs to be maintained properly and periodically at least once in a week by a trained gardener. LifeWall provides garden maintenance services and you can book that online here.
    Apart from weekly maintenance, one needs to water the plants regularly as per the given schedule.
    Q. Can drip irrigation be installed for watering plants in the landscape garden?
    Yes, drip Irrigation which can either manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic can be installed in your gardens. LifeWall also provides large scale irrigation setups to its customers.

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