Cube FRP Planter WHITE (In Pc)

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A high resolution image of fiberglass raw material.

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Q.1. Any ideas on how to decorate these planters?

A.1. These planters can be used to put beautiful ornamental plants like palms, ficus, flowers, ornamental, etc at places like your living rooms, balconies, terrace gardens, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Q.2. Can I install these plants outdoor?

A.2. Yes these can be installed outdoors as well and they don’t have any impact of sunlight on them.

Q.3. Can I put soil directly into these planters?

A.3. As far as the planter height is upto 14 inches you can put soil directly , otherwise for a taller planter, put your plant with a regular pot inside the planter and you can use bricks or wood to raise the height of your plant inside.

Q.4. Is this material breakable?

A.4. No this is an unbreakable material and has a life of more than 10 years.


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