Biofelt Natural Vertical Garden System

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Delivered & Executed In: 10 to 15 Business Days Depending Upon The Quantity.

Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Sqft.

Installed & Maintained By: LifeWall’s in-house team.

Offers & Discounts:

  1. Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 1,000/-
  2. Purchase above Rs. 2500/- and get an additional flat discount of Rs. 100/-.
  3. Purchase above Rs. 5000/- and get an additional flat discount of Rs. 300/-.
  4. EMI Options Available On Purchase Above Rs. 3,000/-
  5. Contact us for bulk discounts on orders above Rs. 20,000/-.


Product Details:

  1. A sleek vertical garden system which has the longest durability
  2. Based on European Concept.
  3. What’s Included?: Geotextile Bio Felt Planters, Drip Irrigation System, Plants & Installation Service.
  4. Size (In All Units)
  5. Area coverage from the wall: 7-8 inches.
  6. One Sqft covers 4 pockets/plants.


Technical Specifications:

LifeWall’s Biofelt 10 mm thick and L6"xW6" with integrated moisture barrier which prevents absorption of spills and stains. Felt pockets made of nonwoven needle punched and UV stabilized semi-compressed geotextile of 350 gsm and reduces carbon. Pocketed on 8 MM PVC solid sheet with 25 mm PVC buffers at back to maintain a gap from the wall and mounted with Fastener/Screws of Hilti/Fisher or equivalent. Plantation with settled plants in LifeWall Special Soilless Media filled in Biobags which develops high porosity >97%.

Q. How to order this vertical garden as a complete project to LifeWall?

     1. Send us your wall images/videos and measurements. You can also book a site measurement or consultation visit to call an expert to your place for measurements and consultation.

Note: Consultation visit includes measurement also. The visit charges are refundable if you place the order with us above Rs. 5,000/-

  1. Get a quote from us.

Note: You can also ask for drawings and design service from us before placing the order. The design charges are refundable if you place the order with us above Rs. 10,000/-.

  1. Give approvals on quote and design.
  2. Order confirmed. Now you can sit back and relax, while we will do our magic.
Q. How to measure my area for vertical gardening?
A. For measuring the area you need to measure the height in inches/feet/meter by keeping the scale/measuring tape straight and same way measure the width of the wall.
Also, measure the height and width of any other object like window or door coming in between and the distance of the object from the ends of the wall both in height and width. Suppose your wall height is 10 ft and the width is 5 ft. Then your total area will be 50 Sqft.


Q. What is the life of Biofelt Planters used in this system?

A. Biofelt planters are made of recycled PET plastic and are UV stabilised with medium compression and wicking action features. This needle punched nylon textile of 350 GSM has high strength and can withstand all weathers for more than 20 years.

Q. Where can this system be installed?

A. These a highly flexible system which can be installed almost anywhere. The most common usage of these Biofelt Planters is in balconies, terrace gardens, office receptions, flyover pillars, etc.

Q. Can I put plants directly into these planters?

A. No, we recommend geotextile fabric ‘Biobags’ for putting plants and then those Biobags are put in each pocket of Biofelt planters. This ensures longer plant life and promotes root growth.

Q. What type of plants can be grown in these planters?

A. Almost all type of small plants and creepers can be grown. Gives best results in all ornamental, flowering, vegetable and herbs plants.

Q. Is it important to use drip irrigation in this system?

A. Although watering can be done manually for big walls or long height walls above 7 ft height it is recommended to water the plants through a proper drip irrigation system only.

Q. Can I get this system installed by any fitter or experts are required for this?

A. Small installation up to 50 sqft can be installed by trained fitters like plumbers or carpenters. But for larger installations, it is important to get the installation done by our expert teams.

A. Can I only get the material from LifeWall? Will LifeWall suggest me what materials and plants I should buy for my vertical garden?

A. Yes, we can suggest you the suitable material and plants as per your site conditions, taste, requirements, goals, and budget.

Q. What are the difference between Unconditioned, One Month Conditioned & Two Month Conditioned Plants?

A. The difference between these three categories of plants is as follows:

  • Unconditioned plants are just the regular plants which are used for all the applications like for pots, ground covers, etc. They might be small, medium or large in size depending upon the availability and season.
  • One month conditioned plants are the ones which are treated well and grown in controlled environments. They are less bushy and cover up to 50%-60% of the vertical garden from day one but suitable for growing in Vertical Gardens and grow faster.
  • Two months conditioned plants are the ones which are treated well and grown in controlled environments. They are bushier and cover up to 70%-80% of the vertical garden from day one but suitable for growing in Vertical Gardens and grow faster.
Q. Will the wall get dampness after installing the vertical garden?
A. No, our planters come with water barriers and framework of 1 inch at the back to maintain the gap and avoid the risk of dampness.


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