Terrace Gardens For Your Property

A Terrace Garden also known as Rooftop Garden refers to a terrace that is designed and build to be covered with plants and grass of different species. A terrace garden also consist of other structures like pergolas, fountains, vertical gardens, etc. Plantation on a terrace garden can be done in various forms and planters like cemented, fiberglass, hanging, creepers, etc. A waterproofing membrane is required in order to prevent seepage and erosion. Some Terrace Gardens include additional layers that are helpful to the growth of vegetation such as a root barrier, and drainage and irrigation systems, depending on the size of the terrace.

How It Works?


  • Consultation: Get consultation by our experts on design, technical specifications, budget and customization.                                
  • Scope Of Work: Finalize and approve scope of work, designs and make the advance payment.                                              
  • Delivery & Execution: Get the materials delivered and installed at your site by our experts.                                                              
  • Handover: Get handover from our supervisor at your site and enjoy your Terrace Garden.

Terrace Garden

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