Moss Walls For Your Interiors

Moss Wall is a concept that brings nature to your indoors without any requirement of maintenance or watering, it remains soft with the humidity in the air. Moss is preserved with suitable preservatives and coated with glycerine so that dust doesn’t settle on it. Moss Wall panels are in MDF, multi plywood or foamed PVC with 3 mm of thickness plus Moss (about 30-40 mm). If the installation is permanent it can be fixed on the wall with screws directly.

Types Of Moss Walls

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How It Works?


  • Consultation: Get free consultation by our experts on design, technical specifications, budget and customization.                              
  • Scope Of Work: Finalize and approve scope of work, designs and make the advance payment.                                               
  • Delivery & Execution: Get the materials delivered and installed at your site by our experts.                                                             
  • Handover: Get handover from our supervisor at your site and enjoy your Moss Wall.

Moss Wall

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