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Landscaping is the art of arranging the features of a space such as parks, townships, residences, offices, etc for aesthetic and practical reasons. Landscapes add life to any concrete space and consist of features like ground covers, shrubs, trees, lawn grass, sculptures, murals, sitting spaces, fountains and water bodies, etc.
From designing on software to development on field and then maintenance. LifeWall covers entire life-cycle of landscaping. A landscape should be planned at the time of designing a building so that its to get the required provisions ready during the construction. LifeWall also offers automation features in landscapes for hassle free maintenance and upkeep of the plantation.

Types Of Landscape Gardens

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How It Works?


  • Consultation: Get consultation by our experts on design, technical specifications, budget and customization.                               
  • Scope Of Work: Finalize and approve scope of work, designs and make the advance payment.                                                                     
  • Delivery & Execution: Get the materials delivered and installed at your site by our experts.                                                                              
  • Handover: Get handover from our supervisor at your site and enjoy your Garden.

Landscape Garden

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