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  • Different ways to squeeze your garden on to your patio

    One best way is to use Suspended Garden where you can use threaded stainless-steel rods through Terra-cotta pots and suspend them horizontally from the surfaces. This will save a lot of space and adds additional benefit in restoring the space. You can also make use of an Old ladder at your home by just painting it with a good color and arranging it with beautiful pots and #planters. It also gives you space to store garden tools and soil. If you are looking out for a vertical garden then you can go for Pocket Plants where you can have one or more pockets for your herb plants on any vertical surface of your outdoor space.
  • Vertical Gardens

    Vertical Gardening might seem exciting for all of us but it is not an easy task like growing garden horizontally on even grounds. You always require experts who can help you out with different types of techniques that suit your space.
  • Vertical Gardens Chennai

    In Chennai city so many business people and celebrities showing interest in vertical gardens and looking for new ideas to landscape their apartments and house walls.