What is the scenario of Urban Gardening services in India?

Urban Gardening in India is quite fragmented and unorganized at present. With the increase in global warming and cities becoming hotter, it has become very critically important to plant more and more plants and trees around you. Apart from reducing heat, with their oxygenating abilities, plants and trees have lots of other benefits also like air purification, adding a decor element, relieving stress, etc.

Now, If I ask you one question, Do you love plants and greenery around you? Your answer would be an obvious yes, but a problem statement also follows this answer - I don't have time and enough knowledge to design and maintain a garden. Let me first show you a journey of Garden Planning without LifeWall.

So you need a new garden for your place or want to revamp your existing garden. Now you have two choices: 1. Order some plants and pots from an online store; 2. Visit a local nursery shop and buy gardening plants and stuff. Now challenge in this process is that, in both the above options, your requirement is partially fulfilled only. How?

When you buy plants from an online store, the most likely gaps you will face are:
1. Plant not delivered as it was shown in the picture;
2. The plant was unhealthy and unsettled;
3. The plant was broken and damaged due to logistics;
4. You were not able to buy a big size plant, because of logistic challenges.
5. You need to call a gardener now and ask him to do the plantation.
6. Gardeners around us are hardly knowledgeable.
7. And at last, the sad story - Your plants die after some time.

When you buy plants from a local nursery shop, the most likely gaps you will face are:
1. The shop owner will charge prices according to your face value and your car. Yes, it is, I have experienced this myself.
2. He will not tell you exactly, which plant will survive at your place as per the climatic conditions of your place.
3. Poor logistics and delivery support, most of the times you will be seen carrying those plants in your car.
4. He will give you costly growing medium and fertilizers.
5. You have a hard time maintaining your plants and eventually, they would die after some time.

If this challenge gets solved, I don't think there would be a single person who would not like to have a garden at his/her place.

So what will be the situation with LifeWall, and how we are changing the scenario of urban gardening in India:

You want to have a new garden or want to repair/revamp your existing garden. You can get in touch with us by calling us, sending us an email or by submitting a query on our website.

Magic! Is what we will do next. We will send our expert to your place for consultation, give you suggestions and free advise (limited period), give you a customized design for your garden area and recommend you plants and other products as per your climatic conditions, taste, and budget from our online portal.

What next? Our team comes with all the stuff at your place and transforms your space into a lush green beautiful garden in no time.
Followed by transformation, you can subscribe to our maintenance visit services and then it's our responsibility to make sure that your garden remains classy and sassy all the time, something which your neighbor doesn't have! ;)

Have questions? Please comment, chat, call or email us.

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