Vertical Gardens Chennai

Chennai city raises green awareness with new concept called “Vertical Gardens” before knowing about green awareness we all should know about the city. Chennai is the 4th largest metropolitan city in India, on the Bay of Bengal Sea. It is the capital of the state Tamil Nadu, most beautiful city with temples and historical churches which were built in centuries ago. Chennai is one of the main city for cultural, economic and educational center in South India. By population in the world Chennai is the 36th largest urban area in the world.

Now the city is fighting against pollution by growing greener by the day, vertical gardens or wall gardens are the new trend. If you are not having enough space to grow a garden then you can have a garden on your wall, a real garden with leaves, roots and shoots. Due to growing number of people in urban areas many were living in apartments and group houses where there is no scope of garden and garden space. For those Vertical Gardens or Living walls have brought in a fresh whiff of life.

Vertical Gardens in Chennai by Lifewall:

In Chennai city so many business people and celebrities showing interest in vertical gardens and looking for new ideas to landscape their apartments and house walls.

Vertical Garden in AJITH house, Chennai:

This garden is installed on a wall on the terrace of the house, in total 1600 square feet area, wrapped all brick wall space with Green Wall in middle with water body and temple. used different kind of plants in biofelt pockets. Special kind of irrigation system is installed to keep plats live, due to this less water is needed plants.

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