Vertical Gardens

Different kinds of Vertical Gardens and Products

Most of them always dreamt of having a Garden inside their home which would bring happiness, wellness and pleasant to the eye. Adrien Fainsilber proposed the first outdoor vertical garden in 1986. Slowly the outdoor green walls scale increased by 2009. Most of them were constructed in public places such as airports and now becoming common in various other places like office, big organizations etc.. who prefer indoor green walls which is know as vertical garden.

Vertical Gardening might seem exciting for all of us but it is not an easy task like growing garden horizontally on even grounds. You always require experts who can help you out with different types of techniques that suit your space.

First, we need to choose what type of plants do we need in here, which don’t grow in excess and won’t spread their roots in depth. For outdoor garden we can water the plants normally but for indoor garden we need to spray water using small tubes. Not much soil is needed for vertical garden but you need to spray fertilizers to keep them healthy.

Different Types of Walls for Gardening:

We have two types of Walls:

Green Walls:

Most of them might be thinking what’s the difference between the two walls? Well, Green wall have only creepers grown to buildings. They can creep on pillars or blocks. 

Living Walls:

Where as Living walls allows different type of plants to grow and spread itself on to the walls thus forming a densely grown vertical garden. As much of the people now a days prefer green walls, you have architects experimenting on different shapes and designs to spread the greenery everywhere.

Different Types of Designs:

Gardening now a day have become good business with different styles and techniques like growing garden with different combination of plants to create a design that attracts people. These types of designs are preferred in offices where you have large amount of employees working all day long to create a positive vibe in their body and relaxes their mind.

 Hanging Gardens:

People who are interested in growing vegetables indoor would love this idea of gardening which allows them to grow plants with good soil, required amount of water and humidity. Good amount of sunlight and protection from harsh winds should be taken care off to get good results. Before we start on growing vegetables we need to know the basics of growing them vertically. The structure that holds these plants should be strong and well built with enough space and depth of the container to hold the plant and its fruit. These types of gardens require good fertile soil as they will be holding up the plant for quit a long time.

Types of Vegetables and Fruits we can grow:

We can grow Beans as they provide their own support and climb any structure. They can be grown in containers that will be hanging from the sides. Next, Peas can grow like beans on their own and are planted in baskets and suspended pots. Tomatoes are different as you have many varieties if them. Some of them are well suited for Vertical garden if given good support such as Stakes. Lastly, we have Winter squash, Melons, Pumpkins and Cucumbers that have natural growing capacity with their Vines that help them to grow vertically. The only thing they require is a frame covered in wire mesh to give them better support. Strawberries can be grown in containers that will be hanging from the sides.

Different types of Vertical Gardening Products:

Biofelt Vertical Gardens

PP Pot Vertical Gardens

Flora bags Vertical Garden

Green Screens

Moss walls

Moss tiles

Veggie Rack

Garden Trolley

Green Strip

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