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Urban Gardening in India is quite fragmented and unorganized at present. With the increase in global warming and cities becoming hotter, it has become very critically important to plant more and more plants and trees around you. Apart from reducing heat, with their oxygenating abilities, plants and trees have lots of other benefits also like air purification, adding a decor element, relieving stress, etc.

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Our beautiful nation have many seasonal flowers like summer flowers, winter flowers, right from the freezing climate of the Kashmir to the warm coastal regions. Here in this article we are specially talking about summer flowers. In India summer flowers blooms in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes that add vibrancy and beauty in India.

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Want to grow your own vegetables on the terrace but don’t know how to begin? Lifewall the pioneer of Vertical, Terrace, Rooftop & Balcony Gardening in India, will explain to you all you need to know to start your own Veggies Terrace Garden. The right mix of the soil to what veggies to grow and how to take care of them. Here is your complete guide to a lush green urban terrace garden.

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