Summer blooming flowers for your balcony or terrace garden – #HappySummerGardening

Our beautiful nation have many seasonal flowers like summer flowers, winter flowers, right from the
freezing climate of the Kashmir to the warm coastal regions. Here in this article we are specially talking
about summer flowers. In India summer flowers blooms in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes that add
vibrancy and beauty in India.
Now summers are right round the corner, now it is time for us to discuss about the summer gardens and
what kind of flowers are perfect for this 30 degree weather. Here the summer season spreads from
March to June. In this season garden requires more care and nurturing due to this most of the gardeners
prefers summer blooming flowers in their garden as these seasonal flowers give worth to efforts.
Now here I am talking about some summer blooming flower.

Marigold: These are the flowers survives with very little water the brightness of these flowers is a perfect
choice to add color to any garden. This is the flower uses in medicinal, food coloring. The most important
that these flowers keeps pests away from our garden so plant them near the flowers that are eaten by
bugs. It can be used as a natural pest control.

Lotus: Lotus is our national flower and it is available in bright pink and white shades, these are also
summer flowers grows in water, a good option for summer gardening.
Roses: The romantic flower in the world is also a super option for summer gardening but need extra
Hibiscus: These plants requires little bit more space to grow. It is a good summer plant blooms in direct
sun light and becomes stronger year after year.
Sunflowers: These are beautiful yellow flowers with vibrant look, these plants are very good option in
extreme temperature levels. When these plants are in garden don’t do over watering as this loosens the
soil due to that the plant becomes weak.
Musk Rose: This flower grows through out India it starts to bloom in may the shades are ranging from
purple – brown to dark red.
All these flowers can be grown in balcony gardens, terrace gardens and in gardens. Try these for this
summer. I will come up with more tips to maintain these gardens.

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