Let’s eat some fresh from our own gardens

Warmer months means holidays more time spent in gardens and backyard parties with family and friends, even children also have more time why not engage them in creating a beautiful garden in your own space that will impress any visitors? Whether you are an advanced gardener or a beginner you should know about the plants which grow in summer. Here in this article, we are discussing the plants which sustain in summer season #happysummergardening

There are the plants that thrive in the summer season and refresh your outdoor gardens, balcony gardens and terrace gardens.

Balcony garden

Beans: Beans are the best summer vegetables which we can grow in our gardens. It can easily grow from seeds and require 40 to 60 days of time. One more option with beans is we can grow this vegetable vertically with the help of frames, twine or stakes to make space for other vegetables. If you are growing this in your balcony then it is useful to reduce summer heat also.

Balcony vegetable garden

Eggplant and Tomatoes: Eggplant grows well when planted in the month of June similarly tomatoes. Eggplants and tomatoes grow best from seedlings instead of seeds. Both the crops require 60 to 80 days. Don’t plant them in the same planting space as these two shares similar pests.

Cucumber: One more best summer plant, this is also you can grow vertically, with the help of frames or twine, it takes 60 to 75 days of time to maturity. It can be grown easily in balcony gardens.

Give a try to these plants in this summer, introduce your kids to Mother Nature with gardening in summer enjoy #summergardening

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