Know how a designer impacts the overall outcome of any terrace garden or landscape project and how they build their relationship with clients?

Written by Ar. Yachika Saini

We as designers set in motion with the project which may be a terrace garden or a lawn and landscape, after understanding the reason as to why the client has hired us? What are client’s desires? What are their expectations?

Our motive here is to get the hang of the best possible utilisation of the space that is provided to us in order to achieve the objective. We plan all the elements of a terrace garden or your landscape garden such as water body, pergola, wooden deck, barbeque, etc as per your usage requirements and taste.

Our prime motive is to fulfil the need of the space and make it more functional. We take design process ahead step by step bringing together design brain storming and design approvals from our clients.

We try to involve our clients as much as possible during the process and prioritise our relationship on the way. The better we plan a space, the better outcome it gives after transformation. All designs are created, keeping in mind, our customer's budget, requirements and utility. We do not aim to overdo any space just to make the design more fancy or take the overall budget higher. Selection of materials is done keeping in mind climatic conditions, customer's maintenance possibility and usage of the same.

We try to do the best for our clients after all the experience and knowledge that we have accumulated over years after doing numerous terrace garden and landscape gardens in Delhi NCR.

Together as a team, we are on a mission to make every residential outdoor space aesthetically useful.

We aim to change the way people use their outdoor living spaces by providing prime services in all context.


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