Inspire a chef with a new rooftop garden in your restaurant

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Inspire a chef with a new rooftop garden in your restaurant

Now a days urban areas with planting are widely recognized as a way to improve air quality and to reduce heat. Unfortunately lack of space and increased price of land makes it difficult to maintain the amount of parks, gardens and natural spaces in urban areas. This is the only reason the rooftop gardens came into the picture. Rooftop gardens looks good with great view it provides a quick and smart way to enjoy a quite retreat in the heart of the city. So this concept quickly adopted by a restaurants to provide fresh air and veggies to their customers.

A restaurant’s garden either on the balcony, roof or nearby a farm really inspires a chef and supports sustainability. In recent years chefs have increasingly turned towards local and seasonal ingredients. As a natural orbit of this, some are taking it to a step further by creating their own rooftop gardens on the roofs of the restaurant or growing their own in pots in available balcony space as now everyone forget home – made, now everyone are on to house grown trend.

In the urban streets some of the restaurants are creating their own landscape of herbs and vegetables like mint, coriander, tomato, green chilies, peas, pumpkins, mushrooms and many more. High profiles restaurants around the country are on board. Some of the famous restaurants in India that are organizing rooftop gardens for fresh veggies.

Craft Deli and Bistro, Phoneix Market city, Mumbai

ITC, India

Ryan Clift’s The Tippling Club

BKC restaurant NRI, Ganeshpuri


Not only for vegetables, few restaurants are maintaining rooftop and balcony gardens to provide fresh air to their customers. Not only air this kind of restaurants have more benefits comparatively than other restaurants in urban areas.

Advantages with Rooftop Gardens in restaurants:

  • Happiness: According to recent research regular contact with green spaces and nature in urban areas can help to keep up mental health with decreased stress levels.
  • Improved air quality: Rooftop gardens helps to the reduction and filtering of polluted air and gases. It also helps to reduce the distribution of the dust in the air and the production of smog. One rooftop garden in the urban areas will not give any huge effect but larger number of rooftop gardens will give a noticeable positive impact in urban areas.
  • Decreased Waste: Rooftop gardens could decrease in waste, rooftop gardens help us to reduce the use of heating, air conditioning systems in the urban areas.
  • Effective use of rain water:  rooftop gardens can retain up to 80% of rainfall in summer, while in winter it can be up to 40%. After the water is used it is returned to the atmosphere through transpiration and evaporation. Plants in rooftops not only retain rainwater, but also help to moderate its temperature, acting as natural filters for any water that runs off the building.
  • Energy efficiency: Rooftop gardens helps us to use less and more effective use of energy, rooftop gardens works as a great insulation, retaining heat in winter and keep cool in summer.