Grow more in less space -Vertical Gardens

When working with a small space, interior designers knows the designing tips to use entire area. By using empty wall space in a new creative way can make all the difference in an urban lifestyle. In urban areas an apartment outdoor wall or a small homes indoor wall can work as a great garden tool! If outdoor space is limited then these vertical gardening ideas can take your garden to next level.

What is a vertical garden?

In simple words, a vertical garden is a way to grow plants, vegetables, herbs or flowers to grow up instead of down on the ground with the help of biofelt pockets, these biofelts can be customized in any shape.

What are biofelts?

Biofelts are pockets where the plants grow in vertical gardens, these are made with breathable felt by using 100% recyclable material. These can be customized in any shape and size completely handmade, lasts life time, very light weight.

Uses of Biofelt:

  1. Plants can be changed or rearranged easily
  2. Plants grow in bio bags made up of breathable felt
  3. Takes 5x less time to installation compare to pvc box planters
  4. Comes with inbuilt frame work at the back
  5. 100% Eco – friendly material
  6. 90% more water conservation

Installation procedures:

  1. Installed directly on the wall or MS structure
  2. Installation of drip irrigation system
  3. Plants insertion & final check up

The best home vertical gardening plants are cucumbers, tomatoes, pole beans, peas and same kind of climbers and flowers.

vertical garden

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