Different ways to squeeze your garden on to your patio

Many of them wish to have a garden in their home especially on their deck or patio. Here, we are going to give you brilliant ideas to make use of the small space of your patios to create a beautiful garden where you don’t need large space.

One best way is to use Suspended Garden where you can use threaded stainless-steel rods through Terra-cotta pots and suspend them horizontally from the surfaces. This will save a lot of space and adds additional benefit in restoring the space. You can also make use of an Old ladder at your home by just painting it with a good color and arranging it with beautiful pots and #planters. It also gives you space to store garden tools and soil. If you are looking out for a vertical garden then you can go for Pocket Plants where you can have one or more pockets for your herb plants on any vertical surface of your outdoor space.

Many of them use wood to build crates and fix them to the wall thus creating a vertical garden with different patterns that suit their space. For those who live in rented houses are mostly likely not allowed to hang anything on outdoor walls. So, for them Free Standing wall or Green Screens is a better idea where you need only two things that is wood and mesh rebar. We can use S-hooks to hang the potted plants which provide a lot of space to grow. We would also like to place plants at the corners of the patio or deck and that can be done in various ways such as creating boxes or Tiered pots or Stacked Steel Tubs. We can make holes in the containers and place them one above the other and plant different herbs.

We always use Shoe Organizer to organize our shoes but well it can also be used to organize plants. We can directly put soil or use small plastic pots in each pocket. This costs less and you can store large number of plants.  Unlike shoe organizer we can also use Magazine Storage Racks and Spice Racks in growing our favorite herb plants.

Just you need is to line the rack with coco fiber liners, insert soil and plant your herbs. It just takes few hours of work to create a vertical garden.

We can also create a hanging garden by using wood and ropes. We can create one row or multiple rows. Then take the potted plants and place them on the rows. You can hang pots on a variety of surfaces from fences to bricks and stones.

We have so many options to create our own DIY vertical gardens or hanging garden which needs less money and also less material. Creating our own vertical garden gives us more ideas and patterns to decorate your deck or patio.

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