Create more space for growing plants in your own way – beautiful DIY ideas for indoor vertical gardens

If you are short of space indoor gardening is the best option and it could be challenging for your gardening skills. Here we have a brilliant DIY idea for your Indoor Gardens.

Vertical Pallet Planter: Vertical Pallet Planter is an inexpensive idea it creates an adorable indoor vertical garden easily on your wall, this is best to grow your succulent and herbs looks very beautiful with herbs in your kitchen and with succulent in your balcony.

Dresser Planter: It is a bit complicated idea but if you have an old dresser which you are planning to through that you can reuse it. For this kind ferns and succulents are the best plants try this and enjoy a beautiful indoor garden.

Dresser Planter

Indoor ladder planter: An old wooden ladder is the best option to create a beautiful kitchen or balcony gardens. Simple process to reuse old ladder is just added some wood planks in the place of steps to create shelves and place your favorite herbs in the kitchen and an indoor plant to create a beautiful balcony or indoor vertical garden.

Ladder Planter

TV stand vertical garden: Hey planning to replace your old tv stand then try this vertical garden with your old tv stand. Perfect and beautiful for balcony vertical gardens and indoor vertical gardens. You can plant any kind of indoor plants in pots and place it on tv stand.

TV stand Vertical Planter

Vertical picture frame planter: A cool beautiful idea for your boring room. We always uses picture frames to place photos but this time use it differently you can convert your picture frame into a wall planter and place it in your room. Succulents are the best plants for this kind of DIY.

Photo frame planter

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