Compact Small Apartment Balcony Ideas for Busy Urban Areas

Hey, do you have a compact balcony? Need the inspiration to renovate it? Then this article is very much needed for you as I am going to explain how to utilize your entire small space to grow your Balcony Garden. Usually, people won’t find many ideas for small balcony gardens due to small spaces.

Organize or optimize small space: Estimate the space that you have actually available, In an initial stage, your little garden must be easy to maintain to keep it simple with low care plants like Marigold, Chrysanthemum, Coleus etc… prepare a small sketch on paper in advance according to a size of your balcony. Set a budget according to your requirement and start organizing one by one.

Arrange a small coffee table with chairs in your compact balcony garden so that you can sip a coffee with your favorite book, friend or family. If there is no space for chairs, then arrange a small wooden bench at one corner to enjoy your personal space believe me balcony gardens could be your personal and favorite place to enjoy yourself. Especially it is very important for housewives to relax. Folding furniture’s are also a great option for a small balcony garden.

Advantages of having balcony gardens:

  1. Balcony gardens reduce indoor temperature
  2. Insulates the building heat and cold
  3. Purifies the air
  4. Increases the amount of oxygen in the air

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