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Urban Gardening in India is quite fragmented and unorganized at present. With the increase in global warming and cities becoming hotter, it has become very critically important to plant more and more plants and trees around you. Apart from reducing heat, with their oxygenating abilities, plants and trees have lots of other benefits also like air purification, adding a decor element, relieving stress, etc.

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Vertical garden comes into picture when there is no space for gardening or very less space for gardens. But now a days it is also concentrating point of a visible garden. Vertical gardens also called as a living walls. 

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Warmer months means holidays more time spent in gardens and backyard parties with family and friends, even children also have more time why not engage them in creating a beautiful garden in your own space that will impress any visitors? Whether you are an advanced gardener or a beginner you should know about the plants which grow in summer. Here in this article, we are discussing the plants which sustain in summer season #happysummergardening

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In simple words, a vertical garden is a way to grow plants, vegetables, herbs or flowers to grow up instead of down on the ground with the help of biofelt pockets, these biofelts can be customized in any shape.

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Organize or optimize small space: Estimate the space that you have actually available, In an initial stage, your little garden must be easy to maintain to keep it simple with low care plants like Marigold, Chrysanthemum, Coleus etc… prepare a small sketch on paper in advance according to a size of your balcony. Set a budget according to your requirement and start organizing one by one.

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